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What does a 4 - 6-month-old eat?

Having a little baby of just 4 – 6-months-old can be some of the best time in your life… and some of the worst considering the sleep deprivation! So congratulations most likely now or very soon your baby will be able to sleep through the night. At this time you’ll also start considering whether to start solids or not. You can start them as early as just 4-months-old but you can also start this when your child turns 6 months.

What to expect?

You should start with just one ingredient. Lets say for example some pureed pear. Do not force feed your child. It is likely your baby will refuse to eat after having his first taste of solids but this is ok. Give it another try in few days when your baby is already familiar with the new flavour. 

You also don’t have to worry whether your baby gets enough solids since your baby is getting his nutrients from the milk. 

In every 3-5 days you can also introduce a new flavour for your baby. 

It’s also good to remember that a 4-month-old will still have 4-6 ounces of milk per feeding that will happen every 3-4 hours. 6-month-old on the other hand has up to 8 ounces every 4-5 hours but you can keep it down to 4-5 ounces if your baby is already eating a lot.

Meal planning

You can start with a 4-month-old by feeding just a little once a day to get your baby used to the new flavour. Every 3-5 days introduce a new flavour. It’s also good to feed her at the same time when you would normally eat at lunch so that later on your child is already used to this routine.

With your 6-month-old you can feed him 1/2 cup soft food 2-3 times a day. You can also start adding healthy snacks (mashed fruits) in between meals so that there is 5 feedings a day. 6-mont-old to 1 year a baby shouldn’t have more than 750 calories a day.

Feed preferably iron and zinc rich foods.

What not to feed?

  1. Cows milk
  2. honey
  3. spinach (high in nitrates like the others below)
  4. green beans
  5. carrots
  6. squash
  7. beets
  8. salt
  9. sugar
  10. saturated fat
  11. whole nuts and peanuts,
  12. no raw eggs or eggs in general until 6 months
  13. rice milk
  14. shellfish
  15. mercury rich fish
  16. fruit juice


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