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Top 10 Things to do before having a baby

Top 10 things to do before conceiving. These are the things you need to do to have a healthier pregnancy and to be as prepared as possible for what’s to come. This list is especially great for first time moms and if you’re planning to conceive within a year.

 I personally found these tips great and useful and they have given me new motivation to focus on my health knowing how your health affects your baby for nine whole months! These tips wont only affect your baby but how you will be able to carry through the pregnancy.

I recognize not everyone can become pregnant within a year but regardless of when you conceive these tips will only do you good and increase the chance of getting pregnant so you can start doing them any time you’d like! Just remember to start taking your prenatal vitamins at least 3 months before the day you try conceiving.

Top 10 Things to do before getting pregnant

Maintain a healthy weight. This is important because especially women who are underweight are at higher risk to have complications or even a miscarriage during pregnancy. Overall being as healthy as possible is the goal here and that includes maintaining a healthy weight.

Avoid mercury high foods. These are bad during pregnancy as well so that’s why you should start avoiding them ahead of time. Mercury doesn’t leave your body as fast as you might think so it is smart to detox from one week to couple months and at best a whole year. High mercury foods include for example tuna, marlin, King mackerel, tilefish, swordfish and shark.

Start healthy eating habits. This is similar to the ones mentioned before. Eating healthy foods will help you maintain a healthy weight as well as help you get the nutrients you need. This can also help you with digestive issues that can be cause from fatty fast foods and wheats. To find a clean meal plan to help you get started check my post here.

Start prenatal vitamins. This usually means having  DHA, folic acid, D Vitamin and calcium. These can decrease the amount of complications and they support the healthy development of your baby. Start taking your prenatal vitamins 3 months prior or even a year before hand. 

Start exercising. This is obviously part of a healthy lifestyle and you want to be as fit as possible. Your body will go through so much and strong muscles can help you carry your growing belly and help you through labor. Start your pelvic floor exercises now instead of during pregnancy or after labor.

Have less coffee. It’s good to slowly wean yourself off of coffee since it can be very hard to suddenly stop it completely and suffer horrible headaches. If you really can’t live without the taste of coffee try decaf options.

Pre-conception doctors appointment. This can give you some peace of mind. You’ll know that everything is good to go and you’ll have time to take care of any possible infections or issues if there’s any.

Budgeting. This is important because there will be a new family member to pay for. Make sure you are financially stable and competent to provide a livelihood for your little one. Plan and budget and check the prices of different essentials online.

Research. You’re already doing great since you’re here but there are so many other things to know about. Know what to expect so that you don’t have to freak out every single time you feel something during pregnancy. Know the basic symptoms that come with different trimesters. 

Talk to your husband about expectations. This is so important. It’s great to know you both agree on things or come up with compromises that both agree on. If you leave this for later you might find yourself arguing and you yourself might get stressed out since the baby is already on its way. And stress by the way is not good for you or your baby! Arguing while pregnant can and will also be affected by the hormonal state you’re in. Overall it’s just better to figure things out before hand.


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