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Top 10 Easy Online Jobs


So I decided to gather together all the top 10 easiest ways to make money online. No matter how easy some options may seem everything always requires work and most of all motivation to keep going. An online job is a great opportunity to earn extra cash while still keeping your job. In long run you can even start earning a great amount of money that can give you financial freedom and help you out of dept. You can also turn a hobby of yours into an online job like many other people who like vlogging or gaming. Basically all you need is a computer and an internet connection. In some cases also a videocamera is required. 

The bad side in online jobs is that many of these easy options require you to stand out. It can take a while before people will find your services or your channel if you are not willing to put any money into advertising. You decide if it’s worth the risk and worth putting all your time and effort into it. 

Become and online tutor. This requires some social skills. If you enjoy teaching others and know how to explain things clearly you should definitely give it a try.

Become a freelance proofreader. This is simple. You can offer your services for example in Fiverr and simply read your customers work marking down the mistakes in case you find any.

Virtual Assistant is just like a normal assintant except you work from home. You may take calls, book in jobs and take care of the “paper work”  while you are working for a company.

Offer Web Designing services. Many people struggle when it comes to designing their own website and if you already own that skill why not offer to help?

Translator. Obviously you need to master at least two languages well before being able to do this. Many people are using Fiverr in any type of freelance services.

Youtuber. This can be an enjoyable and easy online job if you really enjoy vlogging and editing videos. If you wish to grow quicker in youtube  consider uploading videos daily. 

Become a gamer. There are many gamers and platforms where you can stream. Twitch being one of the most popular ones.

Check other peoples websites and give them feedback in User Testing. This way companies can improve their sites according to your feedback.

Create an online course! Do you have a skill you would like to share? This can be pretty much anything and you can use many different platforms to share your course like Teacchable, Takelessons and Udemy. 

Become a writer. This can be a  time consuming job but it had to be included on this list as it is so easy to sell your Ebooks now. One place where you can do this is Amazon Kindle. To make sure that your spelling is correct maybe use a proofreader through Fiverr or Grammarly while writing your story.



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