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Restore gut bacteria

To restore your gut bacteria you need to first kill the bad bacteria and then build the number of good bacteria with probiotics. Many people live through their lives with a bad gut bacteria and it causes them issues like IBS, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, cramps, chron’s disease, anxiety, depression, acne and candida. Unhealthy diet leads to this but it can be easily fixed by following these simple steps. I also recommend checking out heal your gut guy for a more specific advice in healing your gut from serious issues.


Fasting will decrease a good number of gut bacteria. This is a great first step and depending how healthy you are and how you are feeling you can do this for several days. If you don’t want to fast on plain water try a fruit fast or juice fast. Fasting can help your body heal and repair itself since during fasting your body produces a growth hormone and autophagy that is essential for us to stay young and healthy. “Over a five-day fasting period growth hormone secretion more than doubled.”(


After the first week of fasting you can continue with easily digestible foods and herbs. Herbs are great for killing bad bacteria. Daily with your meal have a tablet of Oregano oil which will kill the bad bacteria in your stomach. Then later you can drink a tsp of charcoal mixed with a glass of water. Charcoal will help you carry the toxins out from your body. Remember always to have charcoal if you’ve had the oregano pill. Also drink your charcoal in between your meals or it will prevent you from getting the nutrients from your meals. You can also have a tsp of clay mixed into a glass of water. Clay helps with digestive issues and can relieve acid reflux. You might also want to drink herbal tea.


After two weeks of fasting and killing the bad bacteria it is time to focus on building the good bacteria back up. For this you will keep eating easily digestible meals and consume a small amount of probiotics. You can either have a probiotic pill or start having yogurt with your meals. The best option would be having raw yogurt that still has all the good bacteria in it. Start small by having just a Tbsp of yogurt and building the amount up slowly. While doing this you can still enjoy herbs. 

Easily digestible foods

So what foods are actually easy for us to digest? 

  • Meats. Our digestive system is great with meat products but if you overcook it it becomes harder to digest. 
  • Fermented foods are also easy to digest because fermenting has done good job breaking down the food for you. For example sauerkraut.
  • Cooked vegetables. Cooking vegetables obviously make them softer and even better if you blend them together and enjoy a vegetable soup.
  • Seedles & peeled fruits and melons. Ripe bananas and mangoes are great for example.
  • White rice. Brown rice is harder to digest.
  • Eggs.

What not to eat

Bad bacteria specifically feeds on sugar. Do not eat:

  • Processed foods. 
  • Refined flour
  • Sugar


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