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Raw Vegan & Paleo Cereal Recipe (460 cal)


Going into a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to mean you cant have some of your favorite meals. Cereals are usually filled with wheat and sugar which makes them bad for you but what if I told you there is an alternative that tastes even better? You can get as creative as you want with this bowl of cereal but to get you started I’ll show you how I build my sweet and crunchy cereal bowl and how many calories it has. 

As my cereal I use dried fruit. As simple as that! There are many different types of dried fruits. Some of them are too hard and some too soft but I found a perfect cereal consistency out of these:

You can find different flavours like banana, strawberry and mango. Since the pieces in these bags are a bit bigger than normal cereal I like to cut them into smaller pieces. 

Next I would add some of my favourite berries and fruits like banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi and banana. I also like to add raisins and some shredded coconut which makes it so yummy and sweet. I personally like this with almond milk and it is quite easy to make at home or get organic almond milk from the store. Just make sure there is not added sugar or other bad ingredients. In case you want to try making almond milk at home do the following: Soak your nuts overnight. Use peeled almonds or peel them yourself after soaking them. 2 cups of coconut water from a young coconut and 1 cup almonds. You can also use normal water. Put these in a blender for couple of minutes and use a strainer to separate the pulp from the milk. 

So finally lets count the calories:

dried mango 56cal
100g banana 88 cal
1 Golden Kiwi 55cal
62g blueberries 41cal
62g raspberries 32cal
250ml almond milk 55cal
1 Tbsp shredded coconut 55cal
1 Tbsp raisins 29cal
Cup strawberries 49 cal

All together 460 cal.

Now when you know the amounts you can easily play with the ingredients and add more of your own favourite fruits if you’d like. With this breakfast I also would recommend enjoying a nice glass of fresh juice and you’ll surely get enough calories to start your day. 



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