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Postpartum diet

This postpartum diet lists the most important foods you should consume after giving birth. These foods can help your body recover faster. Especially the first three months after labor are important since this time is also called the 4th trimester. Your womb however will be back to its normal size after 6 weeks. 

Not only is  it good to know what foods are especially good for you, you might also want to try meal prepping since you’ll have your hands busy with the baby and you might have a lot less energy than normally. Meal prepping will make your life so much easier and it is healthier than buying finished meals from the shop that usually are full of unhealthy ingredients. For easy meal prep ideas you might want to check out my earlier blog post here.

Now lets start with this list of body healing foods. They say you are what you eat so I guess we better take this thing seriously!

Lentils have a high nutritional value that consists of vitamins, fibers, proteins and minerals. This great food can also boost up your immunity system and help prevent constipation which is the last thing you want to suffer from after labor.

Almonds have a high consistency of Vitamin E, B12 and minerals. This is a great little snack also full of protein that you can enjoy in many meals like milkshakes or as a garnish on your meals.

Red meat is extremely important because of its high iron value. Iron can help pregnant women get more energy and boost their immune system which is extremely important after pregnancy since you are more prone to infections.

Chicken is important source of iron just like red meat and very important for you if you’re feeling tired or short of breath. 

Leafy green vegetables are high in minerals and vitamins. After pregnancy you’re lacking in nutrition so you’ll want to make sure you get enough Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and iron. Try having for example broccoli or beans.

Iron supplements. If you still feel exhausted and tired you might need to start having iron supplements. You’ll need about 30-50mg of iron a day and if you can’t reach that with your diet this might be the best option for  you to get the energy you need.


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