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Natural remedies against covid-19


Just like fighting against any viruses maintaining overall health is a good start. Take your vitamins, stay hydrated, sleep enough, don’t stress, exercise and eat a balanced healthy diet. Even thought those play a big role as a natural remedy against viruses there are some great natural medicines that have been proven to help covid-19 patients in the U.S. New York post and Fox News are some of the first medias to talk about them.

A doctor from New York has shown how their treatment has helped already 350 patients. The results were amazing: Patients breathing restored in 3-4 hours, zero deaths, zero hospitalizations, zero intubations.

The Treatment:

200mg 2x daily Hydroxy Chloriquine,
500mg 1x daily Azithromycin,
220mg 1x daily Zinc Sulfate

Two of these medicines you can already use at home. We all know what Zinc is and you can have it at home but what you might not know is that the Hydroxy Chloriquine works as anti-malaria medicine and is a modern version of Tonic Water. It includes the same key ingredient as Tonic Water, Quinine. You can find Tonic Water at a near by store and you can check from the back to make sure it has Quinine. Quinine was successfully used against malaria years ago by the British troops.(History of Tonic Water) It is the same thing they use in Hydroxy Chloriquine. Tonic water is a drink that was made for medicine but now we drink it as a refreshment. Get more info on this topic here.

Why does anti-malaria medicine work against coronavirus? Well malaria is a lot more lethal than covid-19. Zinc for one has antiviral effects and it is important that you will be taking zinc with the quinine. Info Wars has also talked about a case where in Austin Texas Tonic Water was used to heal people from coronavirus. New York post wrote about Rio Giardinieri (52) who healed from coronavirus as well as actor Daniel Dae Kim who both credited the Hydroxy Chloriquine for it. This anti-malaria drug with zinc has shown great results! Doctors had already told Rio how there was nothing they could do and he had said goodbyes to his loved ones until they tried the drug that has been used to treat malaria and auto-immune diseases like lupus. So it’s no surprise people have started to use Tonic Water as one of the remedies against coronavirus. Read Rio Giardinieri’s story here.


So the final list on how to prepare naturally against coronavirus:

-Eat healthy
-Get your vitamins
-Eat Zinc
-Stay hydrated
-Drink Tonic Water
-Get enough sleep
-Decrease stress
-Wash your hands with soap for 30sec.
(Washing hands is better than sanitizer)
-Keep distance to others



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