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20 Must Have Postpartum Essentials

Postpartum period lasts usually from 6 weeks to 8 weeks but it’s also good to keep in mind that the first 3 months after labor is called the 4th trimester. At the same time for some postpartum period can last longer. This is the period of time when mothers are recovering from child birth.

This list will focus on items you’ll want for yourself to make your life as pain free as possible and as comfortable as possible. These tips are here to help you recover faster since that’s what the postpartum is about… oh and since you’re going to be busy with your new baby you might want to get these items before hand!

20 Postpartum essentials

Prenatal vitamins are still important. You might have been having supplement throughout your whole pregnancy and before but they are still crucial. Many new mothers don’t find time to focus into diet as much as before and making sure you’re having are your nutrients can be time consuming. By taking your vitamins you are only making sure your body is getting what it needs to recover in time. 

Sleep Bra is going to come in handy when your breasts are very tender and full. This is a better option for a normal bra that can feel very  uncomfortable during the night.

Ibuprofen or Paracetamol for your pains when they are unbearable! Super important to have some in your medicine cabinet.

Nipple Cream with no parabens, petroleum, anesthetics or alcohol. This is safe for you and your baby and this is going to prevent your nipples from cracking.

Sitz bath with essential oils and herbs can help soothe the pain, itching and discomfort in perineal area. Sitz baths can also speed the healing process and help with hygiene.

Compressions socks to prevent you from getting blood cloths during swelling postpartum.

Perineal cold packs help with burning sensation, swelling and pain in the perineal area. You’ll need these pretty much right away.

Disposable underwear will give you a sense of security and they will really come in handy while you’re bleeding quite a while after delivery.

Maxi pads to use with your disposable underwear.

Donut cushion is a great invention that’ll help you sit more comfortably in a car. Many women complain how horrible the car ride can be from hospital to home. So if you’re worried just prepare with a donut cushion!

Peri bottles will come in handy when you go to the bathroom and don’t want to use toilet paper on your sensitive area. These can also help with the pain during peeing if you fill them up with warm water.

If peri bottle is not enough and you feel like you need to wipe try using water wipes. They are all natural and you can also use them with your baby.

Body brush, vitamin E oil and body wrap fasten for your tummy recovery. Do each step in this exact order and wrap your tummy only for an hour.

Postpartum gridle is going to support your tummy and help it get back into its original shape.

Nursing pads to catch all the leakage from your breasts while wearing clothes and going about your day.

Nipple shield in case you feel like your nipples are getting super sore and not having enough time to recover between feedings. Apply some breastmilk on the shield before feeding your baby.

Some use My Breast Friend as a nursing pillow that will make it a lot easier to breastfeed. Some prefer Boppy breast pillows. Anyways this can be a very helpful item especially if you’re a new mom.

Hands free pumping bra and breast pumps. You’ll want an automatic breast pump as well as a smaller and simpler breast bump that you can use to relieve the pain when your breasts become too full.

Numbing sprays and foams can make going to the bathroom easier and relieve overall pain in the perineal area. These two options by Frida Mom and Earth Mama are also both natural and safe to use.

Last but not least you might want to own a nursing gown that will make constant breastfeeding easier and faster process.



What do you think? Am I missing something important that you found to be crucial during your postpartum period? Comment below.


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