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Money Saving Tips


We will go through some of the most simple money saving tips that will help you get started. There are some very simple and easy steps you can take that will have a huge impact in the amount you’ll end up spending throughout the year. Some of these steps might even sound too obvious but trust me, if you are new at this and just want to start saving money these “obvious” steps will really help you. I have never been the best at saving money and I know how much these tips can have impact on your finances. 

First great step is opening a savings account. It’s so much easier to save money when it’s not as accessible as the money on your main account. Weekly or monthly transfer certain amount to your savings account and by the end of the year you’ll reach your goal easily.

Another extremely important step is creating a budget. This doesn’t have to be very complicated step. Just create a goal how much money you wish to save and count how much money you can spend each week, month and day.

Keeping track of your spending is as important. Know how much you have already spent and plan the following days carefully. If you already went out to eat with friends and didn’t stay on budget it might be better to cook your own meals the rest of the week.

To know where your money is going check your last years spending. In a long run even small purchases can add up and have a great impact.

Plan your meals. It’s important since you can’t live without food and you spend a lot of money on it. Usually making your own meals will help you save money depending on what kind of meals you enjoy. If you spend a lot of money on fast food you might want to restrict yourself from eating out too often.

It’s obvious that you should stop shopping too often. As another tip you could try thrift shops! Many times you can find new and unused items with great prices. 

Do research on the best deal. No matter what it is you are planning to purchase and specially if it’s something expensive, do your research! There are many different companies that come with different prices and still sell the same items or services!

Stop wasting money on bad habits! It might seem quite harmless at the time when you purchase your coffee every morning before work but throughout the year it adds up! Little bad habits like coffee, treats, cigarettes will become very expensive in the long run. So think about your health and finances and get rid of those bad habits.

Last money tip is to pay off your debts sooner. This can save you thousands in interest. If you have credit card debt or loan this tip is for you. Start by paying off the one with the highest interest rate.


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Welcome to my blog! I write about healthy diets, weightloss and money tips. I have struggled for years to lose weight and tried many different diets. When I finally decided to focus more on my health than just wanting to lose weight I started losing weight naturally. It was a full lifestyle change. One key point through this transformation was basically going on a paleo diet. You might want to check out Dr. William Davis.

As a person who moved to a different country I know how hard it can be to get a decent job. I wanted to include different money tricks and tips on my blog to help people who have ended up in similar situations.

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