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How to lose 1kg a week

for extreme weight loss you lose 1kg per week. This is possible with the right amount of exercise and calories. We will be going through the simple steps you can take to reach your goal weight faster. Remember to always listen to your body. If you feel too weak on your diet try adding more calories or doing less exercise. 

Knowing how much you’ll lose per week and when you’ll reach your goal can be very motivating. Having supplements will also become more important since it is hard to reach the recommended intake of nutrients while keeping your calories low.


The amount of calories you’ll need depends on your body type and how much you exercise. Check how many calories you need here. The more you’ll lose weight the less calories you need if you want to keep losing 1kg per week. To stay healthy build your diet from natural and non-processed foods. Add many different food groups to get a good amount of different nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are also very important to keep your digestion going since they are filled with fiber.


To have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight efficiently I recommend exercising 4-5 times a week for 15-30min. In case you’re feeling weak or tired you can do a quick 15min workout, jog, bike ride or even go for a swim. 


To keep losing weight efficiently you can lower your calorie intake every 3 weeks. For example if you start with  1022 calories after 3 weeks it has gone down to 978cal a day. To know how many calories you start with go click the link above to find the calorie calculator. 

As what comes to your meals try having eggs, vegetables and fruits for breakfast. Specially eggs are very high in many different nutrients. You should also have some meat whether it’s chicken, fish or steak. It is good to always add some greens and fruits to enjoy with your meals. You can also have rice and nuts and seeds that will all give you very important nutrients.

After all this you’ll most likely notice that you are lacking in some nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium etc. and this is where supplements come in handy. You should every week try a different meal plan. If you were lacking on iron or calcium last week try to have enough the next week. 


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