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Top 5 sources for Passive income


There are several ways to earn passive income while working on a full time job. It doesn’t always require a lot of work to become a part of something that in long term can help you get a great income. 

One great way for getting passive income is to sign up at Rakuten. It is a cashback site that helps you save money by doing purchases through their site. Their products often have discounts and deals. However this is not the only tip how you can make money by using Rakuten. You can also refer the site to a friend through their program and as they sign up you’ll get referral commission. You can email your friends with the special link you get from Rakuten or you can share it in social media or blog. Sign up at Rakuten here and get your special link. Truly a great way for earning passive income.

Launch an online store with Shopify. You don’t have to worry about the manufacturing or mailing yourself. The site works in a way that when a customer makes a purchase through your site you will contact the manufacturer who then sends the products to the customer. You will be selling the products with higher price than what you pay for the manufacturer to get a good income. 

Start blogging. It can take some time before earning a nice income through blogging but if you enjoy writing a blog it’s worth a try. Easy way to start earning passive income with your blog is through ads. You can become a part in Amazon Associates program as well as other affiliate programs and you could use Google ads on your site. One great way for getting people to your site is through social media. First you just need to grow a following and write as many blog posts you can. It can be a slow process but it surely is a great way for earning passive income. I myself started writing my blog by using Siteground and I can only recommend it. 

Use Amazon Kindle to sell Ebooks. This is obviously not for everyone. But if you enjoy writing books it might just be the thing for you. You can also earn the full amount of each book that is being purchased with SendOwl.

Do you have some extra room in your home or another place you own but don’t really use? Then you must check out Airbnb! It’s an app where you can rent your house or room for customers in the price you want. I personally enjoy using Airbnb when going on a holiday and it has become a pretty popular app. When your customers have an enjoyable experience they can also give you a good rating which attracts even more people to rent your place.



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As a person who moved to a different country I know how hard it can be to get a decent job. I wanted to include different money tricks and tips on my blog to help people who have ended up in similar situations.

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