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5 Types of intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting basically refers to short periods of time when you won’t eat at all or you only eat certain foods like fruit. Some of the most extreme versions of fasting include water fasting, juice fasting, fruit fasting and even dry fasting for many days but intermittent fasting usually goes from few hours to few days. We will be going through five different popular ways of intermittent fasting that are trending today. 
Fasting has said to help with diabetes by reducing insulin resistance. Fasting can also help reduce inflammation in your body, delay aging, increase growth hormone, improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure and even brain function. Fasting has also been found to be a better way to lose weight while preserving muscle tissue than calorie restriction. (source) If you are interested and wish to try fasting remember to speak to a doctor in case  you have some underlying health conditions. It is also good to have someone looking after you while you fast especially if you are trying an extreme way of fasting. Before you fast make sure to get all the different nutrients your body needs and while fasting make sure to stay hydrated! 

1. Easy meal skipping

If you are new to fasting you can start by trying meal skipping. Normally we have three meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can do this spontaneously, when y ou just don’t feel hungry or because you wish to try fasting. There is no certain amount of skipped meals you need to have per week. 

For example: Skip breakfast on monday, lunch on wednesday and skip dinner on friday.  

2. Alternate-day fasting

This means you fast 24h every other day or allow yourself to eat few hundred calories. This is obviously more challenging and includes a lot of longer periods of  time when you won’t be eating anything.

For example: Monday eat normally, Tuesday fast or eat 200 cal, Wednesday eat normally, Thursday fast or 200 cal, Friday eat normally… 

3. Eat stop eat

This is very similar to alternate-day fasting except you are not meant to consume any calories on your fast days. This means you will be eating normally and fasting with water 24 h but don’t worry you will be having only one to two fasting days per week. 

For example on Monday you eat normally, Tuesday 24 h fast, Wednesday eat normally, Thursday eat normally and Friday fast. Rest of the week you can eat normally. 

4. 5:2 diet

This diet plan comes from a British journalist Michael Mosley. You restrict yourself twice a week into eating only 500 calories per day if you’re a woman and 600 cal if you’re a man.

For example: Monday eat normally, Tuesday eat only 500 calories during the day, Wednesday eat normally, Thursday eat normally, Friday eat normally, Saturday eat only 500 cal, Sunday eat normally. 

5. 16/8 method

This plan includes fasting everyday. You will be fasting 16 hours everyday while you get 8 hours a day time to eat. This means you could start eating at 11 am and have your last meal 7 pm. Basically this is a very easy way of fasting and you could just skip your breakfast in the morning to do this. Remember that you can have 3 or more meals during your 8 hours. 

For example: Monday start eating 11 am, eat next meal 3 pm and last meal 7 pm and continue this way throughout the whole week. 


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