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Healthy gummy Bear Recipe


This recipe is extremely easy and yummy and the gummy bears taste like real candy. They are sweet and have the consistency of gummy bears even thought the ingredients are healthy. I will be linking everything you need to make these yummy candies at home. These are also fun to make with your children. So easy and fun and takes only about 10-20 min to prepare. 

To create different flavours we will be using fresh organic fruit juice. My favourite flavour is definitely orange but grape juice is also very nice. You can be creative and try different juices. With the fruit juice you need to remember to add some lemon juice and finally some grass-fed gelatin powder. This will create the consistency of a real gummy bear. Last but not least you need some gummy bear shaped molds with some droppers. If you want some sourness to your candy you can put the gummy bears into a plastic bag with some C-Vitamin powder and shake it around.

1 cup fruit juice
3 Tbsp grass-fed gelatin
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp C-Vitamin powder per one gummy bear mold.

First put your lemon juice and fruit juice in a pan and whisk the gelatin in using medium-high heat. Do this step very slowly and do not put all the gelatin in immediately. After you have filled  your molds you can carefully put them into your freezer for about 15 minutes. Now you can add the sour C-Vitamin powder and voila! You are finished. If you need some more guidance check out this video. Very helpful! 

Get all you need from Amazon:

Gummy bear molds:

Grass-fed gelatin powder

C-Vitamin Powder



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