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Foods to eat for faster labor

Many of us wish our labor would be over fast. Truth be told it is better to take your time instead of rushing the baby out so that your body gets to slowly open up. Even then people that don’t use epidural usually have a quite fast labor under just 10 hours. But no matter if you’re planning on using epidural or not you might still want to ensure your labor goes smoothly and you’re as prepared as possible. 


There are certain foods that you can consume during your third trimester that have been said to help with labor or even start your labor in time. What these foods are and how they work? You’ll find out now!

Medjool dates 6 a day for 4 weeks leading up to your due date. This diet has shown to shorten the first stage of labor by ripening the cervix.

Pineapple and kiwi! Some of my favorite fruits! These have something called bromelain and it can soften your cervix and prepare it for smoother labor and faster first stage of labor when the cervix opens up. Bromelain can also cause contractions.

After 32 weeks drink raspberry leaf tea once a day gradually working your way up to 3 cups a day. This has said to shorten the second stage of labor and the need for forceps.

Unripe papaya to induce labor. This can act like oxytocin and strengthens your contractions.

Something as simple as drinking enough water can decrease the length of your labor with one whole hour! 


As a last tip after your water breaks but your labor isn’t starting try a breast pump. Lactation causes oxytocin that you need in labor. 


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