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Fix your digestion

Many of us suffer  from digestive issues often during our lives. This could mean you have heartburn, gas, upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation and nausea. Many of us ignore these issues thinking it’s just normal, nothing to be worried about. The truth is your body gives you all these signs that something is wrong and you are not taking good care of your health and isn’t health one of the most precious things to us? It is quite sad how we ignore these issues for years when we could fix the issue with a diet and lifestyle change. Obviously that change is not only going to help you with digestive issues but your overall health as well! 

You might be suffering from some of the issues mentioned above right now and if it is having a bad impact on your life it is important you change things immediately and go all in. By going all in I mean try a diet that is natural and fully raw vegan. You could even go on a juice fast! Only after you have been on a diet like this that is healing for your body you can slowly go back to a diet that includes meat and dairy. Why do I recommend a fully raw vegan diet? This is purely because of my experience and how I’ve seen this help others before. You won’t be eating anything processed and you will be getting huge amounts of fiber. It is all natural and even better if it’s organic. If you feel like some veggies and fruits cause you heartburn you can focus on eating low-acid fruits and veggies like for example bananas and avocados. Peeling fruits and veggies can also help with heartburn.

Exercise is another very important step in keeping your digestive system healthy. This is specifically important if you suffer from constipation. If you are not able to exercise or struggle with it you can also try swimming, walking or cycling for at least 20 minutes daily.

As a last tip I will be mentioning drinking. You should be drinking about 2 L of water daily. This is very important not just for your digestion but your overall health!

Diet plan

So you want to give a raw vegan diet a chance and you wonder what to eat exactly. I can definitely recommend checking out FullyRawKristina on Youtube. You’ll find so many great fully raw recipes and videos of what she eats in a day. Otherwise I created this meal plan that can help you get started. I did not count any calories for you so it is fully your responsibility to eat enough to get your daily calorie intake. This is very important so that you won’t start feeling tired and light headed. I personally get weak very easily if I do not get enough calories daily.¬†

Find my salad recipes from here. This plan is just to help you get started and you can obviously have any fruits of your choice and make your favorite smoothies. I personally love the flavor of pineapple. I hope this helped you and gave you new hope. It is possible to get better when you just take your first steps into healthier lifestyle.


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