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Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

These 10 tips will help you with breastfeeding and prepare for it. You’ll find some helpful products that might come in handy as well as some practical advice. Breastfeeding is not always as easy as many might think. It is for example important that your baby can latch correctly and you might also struggle with producing enough milk. Don’t worry however since there are great tips to help you with any issues you might face. 

This list is especially for new moms who might come across with these issues first time ever. However if you’ve had a baby before you might still find helpful to try some of these specific products listed here from nipple creams to breast pump.

Breastfeeding is a special bonding time between a mother and baby and I wish you can enjoy this season of your life while it lasts!

Top 10 Tips For Breastfeeding

We start with talking about how much you can produce milk. Especially at first you might struggle to produce enough milk but there are ways to increase your milk supply. When your baby has just been born you can start using a breast pump. When your breasts get empty your body realizes there is a bigger need for milk and will produce more. Other great options are Fenugreek tea and breastfeeding supplements. 

If you’re wondering what kind of breast pump you should get it really depends on what you’d prefer. Whether you’d like electric or manual or maybe one that works with batteries? If I had to pick one Medela Pump in Style Advanced is an electric breast pump that is designed to mimic baby’s sucking and seems to be one of the best pumps for moms in 2021.

Next we must go through a product every new mom should own and that is nipple cream. Early on your nipples normally feel more tender and sore. This cream will keep your nipples moisturized and help them heal faster. Try for example Earth Mamas Organic Nipple Butter. 

Nipple shields can also come in handy. They can help your baby to latch correctly and  also protect your nipple which can get a bit sore during the first two weeks. Put some of your milk on the head of the rubber nipple to make breastfeeding with nipple shields easier for the baby.

To achieve a good latch make sure your baby’s body is facing yours and there is no space between you two. Baby’s chin should be touching your breast but nose shouldn’t. Try to get as much of your breast into baby’s mouth as possible, this will also help. Last but not least breastfeeding shouldn’t feel painful. 

Golden hour is critical to your breastfeeding success. This means uninterrupted skin to skin with your newborn during the first hour. Your baby will also be eager to feed and you can have your first try during this hour.

Use nursing pillow. You’ll be feeding often and holding your baby can take a toll on you so let your baby rest on a nursing pillow! This will help you and your baby to maintain the position and latch on. Try for example My Brest Friend. 

Nipple ice packs. This one is mainly to help with the soreness during the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. You can heat or cool these packs to get either cold or hot therapy to help you out.

Reusable nursing pads will also come in handy since your breasts will be leaking. Get reusable nursing pads and you don’t have to worry whether you wet your shirt while grocery shopping or not.

Store some of your colostrum in the freezer. This is yellow milk you produce first few days after your child is born and this golden liquid is filled with nutrients. It will come in handy for example if your baby gets sick in the future.

Last but not least get yourself a nursing bra. This will give support to your tender breasts but also come in handy if you plan on feeding while you’re out and about.


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