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Best developmental toys for 1-year-old in 2021

To support your baby’s development you might want to know what exact toys are the best at that. There is such a great variety out there and it might feel a bit confusing so instead of just buying everything you see you can stick with the ones you know will help your child with very important stages of development. 

I listed some of the classics and most popular toys babies love to play with. You’ll also get to read how they help your baby whether it’s for the motor skills or to learn empathy, problem solving and cause and effect.

Top 10 Toys for 1 year old

For hand eye coordination. Pull toys are also great considering your baby is starting to walk at this age and this is all very new to him.

Push toys are great at supporting the baby while standing up and learning to walk. Babies also love to put stuff inside the push toys and even better if your baby can also ride it and strengthen their legs while moving around.

Blocks are quite basic but still a great toy. They can be great for the development of motor skills as well as learning cause and effect as the baby sees the pile fall down when hit.

Sand and water play. This lets the baby play with new textures and the amount of possibilities is endless. Your baby can even get some math skills feeling the different weights of different objects filled with water or sand.

Books with thick pages, different textures and even peekaboo. Prefer stories with pictures that resemble reality. Reading books out loud will help your baby learn the language and soon you’ll notice they start to mimic you even if they don’t get the words correct. Learning language skills will also boost their self-confidence.

Simple puzzles are great. This can also help strengthen baby’s pincer grip especially if the puzzle pieces have knobs.

Role play helps with creative thinking. Kids also love to mimic adults. Children often process what they see and experience through play. This is why small kitchen sets, baby dolls, cleaning sets and even purses with items like keys and phone can be popular among kids. Small baby dolls can also help your baby learn empathy.

Paints and brushes. Your baby can also do finger painting. Let your baby try different sponges and brushes and explore with all the colors. Then afterwards you can proudly put their painting on the wall.

Musical toy. Music is important from the moment they are 5 months old in the womb! For example singing while pregnant can help with maternal-infant bonding and when your baby is born they will cry less! So a musical toy with other abilities like teaching letters and numbers is a must have. You might also want to get an instrument your baby can use to make his own music!

Last but not least shape sorter (the old classic) will helps kid’s development with problem solving skills.


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