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Baby's First Toys

These toys can be a great support for your baby’s development during the first months of their life. First 3 months however your baby doesn’t really need many toys. Playmat can be enough as your baby will almost immediately start doing tummy time and it is so much more fun when your baby can do it in a nice environment. 

After the first three months there are other few toys you’ll baby will love and I have listed the top 10 best ones! You’ll find sensory toys, teething toys and more popular toys many recommend for new moms.


To find out the best top 10 toys for a one year old click the link here.

Top 10 Baby's First Toys

Play mat with black and white colors or strong contrasts. This is pretty much the first toy to get for your baby and makes tummy time & play time fun. Small babies cannot see colors and this is why big contrasts are great. 

Rattle is especially great for babies over 3 months. This way your child can have fun shaking the toy and trying different textures.

For teething Sophie the Giraffe seems to be an extremely popular toy. Babies love it and it’s also made from non-toxic materials. 

Mirrors are such a simple toy your baby will love. They for example help babies focus on targets and follow movements.


Textured balls are especially great for babies over 6 months old. This is because your baby will love to grab things and try new textures.

 Activity Play Center will keep your baby busy and offer safe play as well as encourage your baby to stand up.

 Soft books are kind of like a rattle. Your baby will love to try different fabrics and look at the big pictures.

Music maker is always a good toy option since music has such a great effect on our babies. This particular toy will also work as a role play toy when your little one will mimic you talking on the phone!

Mobiles can be soothing and fun to look at and they work almost like the play mat except you attach them into the crib. 

Soft toy & friend for life. Kids tend to choose one soft toy (or a blanket) that becomes so dear to them they’ll carry it everywhere! Pick a toy with many different textures and your baby will love to touch and play with it.


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