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30 Days Health Challenge

If you are looking for a simple health challenge that will help you change your bad habits into good ones this is the one for you. This list contains very small changes you can make into your life that will have an amazing impact on you and your overall health. These little changes can have a great impact in your physical as well as mental health.

Overall remember to eat a good variety of foods, sleep enough and exercise. These three simple steps are already a great way to maintain good health. 


Many of us have an office job or we sit most of the time or spend time in front of a computer. This can lead to bad posture, neck and back pains. It’s good to focus in your posture throughout the day to get rid of the stiff neck. This is not only good for your health but will affect a lot in the way you carry yourself and how you look.


A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is a great goal. We need sleep to stay energized and alert throughout the day. No one wants a brain fog that will make it harder to remember all these 10 steps you need to change to get better.


It’s understandable to go out sometimes but it’s better for your health to make homecooked meals. Store bought foods usually have all kinds of extra things added to them that we wouldn’t use as we cook meals ourselves. Learn some of your favorite meals and you’ll get better the more you make them.


This is quite simple. It’s good for your digestion and helps you reach your daily nutrient targets. Many people struggle with this and don’t eat barely any greens or even fruits for that matter.


Another important step. If you are like me you get hungry just before bed time and feel like getting take away. This will be very bad since it affects the quality of your sleep. It’s good to finish eating by 7pm so you won’t have any issues going to sleep couple hours later.


Sugar can be very bad for you, even addictive if it’s not natural. I try to avoid refined sugars but in the contrary fruits and natural sugars in them are fine. Having an apple or any other sweet fruit after a meal can help you conquer your cravings for unhealthy sweets.


Very simple yet important step. Normally this would mean about 2 L per day. I recommend filling a water bottle you carry with you so that you’ll know exactly how much you have drank. 


This step can also help you with posture. Specially in the mornings stretching can make a real difference. Usually after the night it feels extremely good to wake your body with a short stretching session including your neck, back, legs and arms. 


This goes to the same cast as making most of your meals yourself. But even then when you cook yourself make sure the ingredients you use are not processed and have bad ingredients in them. For example I like to make red curry myself from natural ingredients instead of buying the one from the store. Anyhow if you do decide to go out pick a place that cooks healthy meals.


If you haven’t heard yet herbs can be very healing. A tea that has many different herbs in it can end up being very good for your body. This is also a nice and calming step for you to do just before bed time to help you relax.


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