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20 Ways to make easy money


I decided to list some of the best top 20 ways to make easy money. You’ll find out that the options vary from jobs that are as easy as taking a neighbours dog for a walk to writing or reading texts online. Anyone could find something out of this list as long as you have motivation and  you believe in  yourself to achieve whatever it is you are after. Whether it is just some extra cash or whether you wish to start earning good amounts of passive income online. 

No matter how easy some jobs can seem it is just a fact that no money comes without work. If you wish to quit your job and switch earning full time income online it will require time and work. Patience is the key. 

1. Get paid to take surveys. This won’t get you too far since usually surveys pay you only a minimal amount but it is definitely quick and easy way to make some extra cash.

2. Create an online course. This will obviously require some time and skill at first but after you are finished filming your course you get to relax and enjoy the fruit of your hard labour. 

3. Personal training. This requires motivation and a passion for working out. If you think you have what it takes to support and guide others  to achieve their goals you could turn your hobby into a full time job.

4. Become a wedding planner. This is for the wedding enthusiast who loves to plan weddings whether it’s her own or friends. If you have the skill to organize and lead projects and you have an eye for detail and some imagination start your website and focus on marketing your services.

5. Affiliate marketing. Many people have reach popularity in social media and you can use that to promote different companies products. This can get you a lot of money but you need to gane a great following first.

6. Become a virtual assistant. You think you have what it takes to work as an assistant who takes calls and sits on the computer all day? Fiverr is a great place to offer your services but since there are so many virtual assistants out there it can get a little hard to stand out. 

7. AirBnb. As i have mentioned this earlier in my other posts airbnb is one of the best ways to earn easy money. This is if you have free room or house to offer for someone to stay in. In some cases even a couch can be enough but if you really want to make money you need to have more room possibly near tourist attraction. 

8. Drive with Uber. This should be fairly easy as long as you own a car and enjoy driving. You’ll be taking customers to their destinations or delivering food to the customers. 

9. Start a blog. Truth be told starting a blog sounds easy but it still requires work just like anything in life. Do not expect to start making huge amount of money immediately. Usually it takes a while before your blog takes off. I recommend to use SiteGround and to drive traffic through your Pinterest account. The way you’ll be making money is through adds  on your page. You can start with AdSense. 

10. Paid research studies. As the name already reveals you can get paid to participate in different research studies. It’s simple and you get to make some extra cash.

11. Proofreading. Just like many other freelance jobs you can also offer your proofreading services through Fiverr. It’s quite simple. Do you read a lot and focus on details? This helps you to find the mistakes when proofreading someones work. They offer  you a little money and you make their life easier. 

12. Dog walking. This is easy, it’s fun and it’s for all the animal lovers out there. If you live in a suburb near many other people it will be even easier for you to find customers.

13. Ebook. Have you dreamed of becoming a writer? Have you possibly already finished  couple books? You can publish and sell your Ebooks through Amazon and a variety of other sites. 

14. Logo Designing. Do you like to draw and use Photoshop? If you think you own some artistic skills logo designing could be a great enjoyable option for you. 

15.Grocery shopping for others. There are many elders and others people who can’t from different reasons do their own grocery shopping and don’t have anyone to help. This is where you can help and do something good for others in need of help. 

16. Develop an app. Yep this isn’t for everyone. You need to know how it’s done but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible and it is definitely a great way to earn money. Many people who have created apps had no idea how popular their apps would become.

17. Youtube. It can be hard to stand out as youtube has been filled with so many content creators. If you wish to do something a bit more unique it seems documentaries have been gaining more popularity just like podcasts. Make videos of something that is a passion to you. 

18. House sitting. This is one of the easiest jobs of all. As your customers leave they make you take care of their house, their plants and whatever they wish for you to keep an eye on while they’re gone. 

19. Help with resumes. Do you know how to create a perfect resume? If so there are many who are lost and struggling to stand out to get a job. This is when you come in and help them improve their resumes assuring they will be standing out and increase their chance of getting hired. 

20. Photographer. If you already own a SLR Camera like Nikon or Canon you are good to go. Some photographing experience from your cousins wedding or friends graduation party would also be great as you can fill your portfolio to show your skills to the future customers. 


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